A perfect destination for weekend getaway, holiday home & more..

Classic Orchard Community Farmland is developed based on
"Collective Farming" concept.

Come, let us become farmers and recreate greener India.

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affordable farm plots of size 5000 sq.ft. onwards are available for privileged few to Buy, Own and Enjoy.

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Classic Orchard
comprise of incomparable
contents, amenities and facilities.

The amenities developed in the project area are awesome
to experience.

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Excellent investment option.
Low cost of ownership.
High returns potential.

Limited number of plots are available for sale.

About the Project

Classic Orchard is situated near Sri Revanasiddeshwara Hill, about 12 kms to Ramanagara town, which can be reached within 45 minutes from NICE road junction along the Mysore road. Classic Orchard is ideal destination for weekend getaway & holiday home.

Classic Orchard consists of Farm Plots having several teakwood trees & yielding mango trees along with new plantation of many varieties of fruit trees. Also, the plots contains space for organic vegetables farming and adequate open space for dwelling. Ample water supply to every plot, drip irrigation to all plants and trees has been provided.

Classic Orchard is incomparable in terms of contents and amenities. An ethnic type traditional styled Club-House, an Adventure Park, Amphitheater, Water Pools, Nature Watch Tower, Elevated Coffee Hut, Kids Play Stations, Party Lawn are the common amenities proposed for development in 3 acres within the project area. To set up all these amenities, the proposed 3 acres land area is converted to Commercial purpose.

Classic Orchard community farmland is being developed based on "Collective Farming" concept with a purpose and intention to provide opportunity for interested like minded people to enjoy doing farming, relax in peaceful environment under own trees, take home surplus organic fruits and vegetables and simultaneously obtain good appreciation on property value as a result of astounding developments that takes place when more people engage in meaningful activities.

In Classic Orchard, individual farm plots of size ranging from 5000 sq.ft to 11000 sq.ft. are demarcated and made available for privileged few to buy, own and enjoy. Every plot is having worthy vegetation and habitat facilities. 20 to 30 numbers of teakwood trees, 5 to 10 numbers of yeilding mango trees, new plantation of over 30 fruit plants, space for organic vegetable farming, space for farmhouse, shrub fencing, water connection, drip irrigation, etc. In every plot, organic vegetable farming is under practice, varieties of fruit plants has been planted, drip irrigation has been installed. In all, over 1000 new plants has been planted and drip irrigated. In the next 3 to 5 years Classic Orchard will be crowded with over 5000 trees!

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